Racism (African American)

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John Jay Resources:

  •  Counseling Services
  • African Students Association/ Haitian Students Association(212) 621-4167 L2.70.04 
  • African Students Association (ASA) ~ Room L2.70.04 PH:(212) 621-4167 
    Enhances and mainstreams knowledge of the diverse African cultures through performance, lectures, and music, dance and creative arts.
  • Black Student Union (BSU)~ Room:L2.70.21
    The purpose of Black Student Union is to foster an environment whereby students can be introduced to black history, culture, and politics in order to provide a more complete sense of self-consciousness, education, black unity, and respect through participating in social and political functions on and off campus that provide enrichment and enlightenment.
  • Haitian American Students Association (HASA) ~ Room: L2.70.04 PH:(212) 621-4167 
    Celebrating the comingling of both Haitian and American culture and the resulting melting pot through music, dance, lectures, fundraising and cultural celebrations.
  • Jamaica Yahso ~ Room:L2.70.23 PH:(212) 621-4159 
    Creating a positive and impactful impression of Jamaican culture through events, lectures, philanthropy, food and cultural reflection 

Additional Resources:


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