Climate Change

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What Does the 2016 Election Mean for the Environment

How to track climate change deregulation efforts, learn about the regulations and agencies, and What to do with the information.


A wonderful and efficient tool for tracking what the Trump Administration is doing to deregulate our climate and environmental protections has been created by the Columbia Law School Sabin Center for Environmental Law of the Earth  Institute’s > It

identifies steps taken by the incoming administration and Congress to scale back or wholly eliminate federal climate mitigation and adaptation measures.


REGULATIONS AND REGULATORY AGENCY INFORMATION: The site also provides a link to a database of climate change regulations which is updated as changes occur.


  • Share the information: in casual conversation, classes, clubs, environmental discussion groups
  • Watch for required public comment periods and provide comments
  • Write, call, email your political representatives
  • Contact your state and local representatives to support protective legislation at those levels
  • Support non-profit organization working to protect the environment
  • Consider forming a discussion group or becoming active in a non-profit organization in order to have people to speak and work with on the issues.