Racism (Latinx)

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Understanding Race:

Q: What is race?

“According to various more or less formal attempted systems of classification: any of the (putative) major groupings of mankind, usually defined in terms of distinct physical features or shared ethnicity, and sometimes (more controversially) considered to encompass common biological or genetic characteristics”.

Q: What is racism?

“A belief that one’s own racial or ethnic group is superior, or that other such groups represent a threat to one’s cultural identity, racial integrity, or economic well-being; (also) a belief that the members of different racial or ethnic groups possess specific characteristics, abilities, or qualities, which can be compared and evaluated. Hence: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against people of other racial or ethnic groups (or, more widely, of other nationalities), esp. based on such beliefs”.

Q: How can we trump hate?

        “Founded in 1991, Teaching Tolerance is dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations and supporting equitable school experiences for our nation’s children. The program provides free educational materials, including a K-12 anti-bias curriculum: Perspectives for a Diverse America”.

  • “Let’s Talk!” – Is a guide that was created to assist educators on how to help students get comfortable in their own skin. The objective is to aid students in communicating on tough topics such as discrimination, racism, white privilege, economic inequality – all  things that are sometimes too uncomfortable to talk about.
  • We should embrace our differences! – #HereisMyAmerica – NY Times launched a project titled #HereIsMyAmerica a few months back that hopes to “collect images from across our country that would help create a more nuanced portrait of the increasingly diverse American experience”.