From Protest to Pedagogy- A list of Resources

“There are two ways to teach about race – badly, or not at all.”
— Lucia Pawloski¬†


From History to Psychology, from Arts to the Sciences, there is a significant body of courses and disciplines that address the issue of racial inequality, racism, injustice and discrimination. At John Jay College Teaching and Learning Center, there are a broad education movement of social justice education wherein faculty and students are able to analyze, intervene, discuss and understand the fight for justice and the advancement of equity for people of color. However, more must be done!

For many years, social justice education has several implications as it pertains to teaching “curriculum” and ways in how we teach it “pedagogy”. Faculty have experienced challenges in teaching the content on “racial injustice” effectively. In order to assist faculty members and students on the discussion of racism that is more prevalent today, there are four categories below that shows a collection of resources for faculty members and students;



Research Articles 




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